Our Areas of Interest

Generally, we support endeavors that provide care for wildlife or animal rescue; enhance wildlife populations through habitat conservation, improvement, and/or restoration; or encourage responsible land management, increased public awareness of conservation issues, and education about the environment.

The following are subjects of past grants awarded by the Dutton Foundation.

Care for Animals
– Wildlife Protection
– Pre-flight cage for large predator birds
– Transport cages for birds of prey education program
– Wisconsin Bird Protection Fund

Environmental Health
– Wetland Restoration
– Wildlife Rehabilitation
– Creek Restoration
– Tree clearing at a nature reserve
– Swamp Metalmark Butterfly recovery initiative
– Lake Michigan Shoreline & Milwaukee River Watershed Project


Land Management
– Land purchase
– Building campaign
– Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal property

– Research programs
– Research of the Lesser Scaup

Education, Public Awareness, Recreational
– Fly-fishing event for disabled veterans
– Regional Youth Program Coordinator
– Update to trails and trail markers at two parks
– Public access to wildlife area
– Trees and shrubs for public area
– Purchase of peregrine falcon for education program
– Wildlife care intern program
– Special Exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum
– Educational Vehicle
– Starting adaptive equipment program
– Interactive educational kiosk
– Wildlife biologist position for environmental charter schools

Newborn fawn nearby our headquarters

Newborn fawn nearby our headquarters