Our Mission

 The James E. Dutton Foundation, Inc. is a Section 501 (c) (3) charitable private foundation established in 2005 to honor the memory of Jim Dutton.  Jim spent his early years studying and enjoying wildlife while teaching others to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors.  He was a dedicated pet owner who valued the friendship of his loyal companions, and an avid fisherman and hunter, who always displayed the highest qualities of a true sportsman.   He spent most of his time meeting the demands of life, while always planning his next escape back to the peace and solitude of the outdoors.  It was Jim’s wish that his bequest be used to support projects of charitable organizations whose primary purpose is to benefit wildlife and/or animal causes.


The primary goal of the Foundation will be to fulfill the charitable intent of Jim Dutton and make direct grants to support those organizations and programs, or individuals that benefit wildlife and/or animal related causes.  This includes not only direct aid for animal or wildlife causes but support to organizations that may maintain, protect, create, or restore habitat and study the relationship of man and the environment.  It will also include grants to organizations and/or programs that positively impact the lives of people by supporting individuals interested in enjoying or caring for wildlife, domestic animals, the outdoors, and our natural resources.  The Foundation will also support groups previously supported by Jim as well as other causes the Foundation deems appropriate.

An important measure of the Foundation’s success, and that of its grantees, will be the degree to which our grants (1) improve wildlife, animal life, and/or the outdoors, and/or (2) positively impact the lives of people through wildlife, animal, or outdoor programs and activities.  Information about these results will be collected systematically and analyzed annually.

 Our Mission:  The James E. Dutton Foundation will make grants to organizations for programs which benefit wildlife, animal causes, the environment, and natural resources.  In general, the Foundation will support those endeavors that provide care for wildlife and animals, provide animal rescue and/or shelter, enhance wildlife populations through habitat conservation, improvement, and/or restoration, land management, public awareness, and education.

The Foundation will also assist organizations or programs that support individuals with their goals of caring for or enjoying wildlife, animals, and the outdoors, educating the public, preserving our natural resources, and giving people the opportunity to experience animals, wildlife, and the outdoors.